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Antilay is a high-tech product with innovative features that industry has never seen before. It helps you keep your environments completely safe, without having to worry about your health, and potential risks of antimicrobial products.

What We


Antilay is the next generation of antimicrobial surface protection products. Our aim is to create a product that brings peace of mind to you as our valuable customer. Antilay protects you from almost 100% of bacterias, viruses and microbes. Created with highest quality technologies, Antilay has the ability to last up to 5 years. Certified by ISO; Our ultimate purpose is to help our customers solve their hygiene problem with the best approach possible, without having to worry about their health. Antilay has been created with “ease of use” in mind, by just having to apply it once and never worry about hygiene for the next 5 years.


Where You Can Use


Antilay is applicable to almost any surface. From public transportation to the company office; It kills viruses, and bacterias on almost any material. All locations with high sanitary requirements such as clean rooms, cold rooms, nurseries, and hospitals can use Antilay. Also, this product must be a priority for sensitive environments like child-care centres.

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We will help you maximize your workplace hygiene with a FREE environment risk assessment. Also, if you’re interested in getting your personalized installation quote, please, feel free to fill in the field below. Our operators will get back to you within 24hrs with more information